Final Project Proposals


For our final assignment in this class we need to create a website from start to finish. I have two ideas for the content to use on this project.

1. Artist website/portfolio- I have quite a few friends who create all kinds of things, from paintings to chain mail. I could create a website for one of them so that their work is displayed and can link to places where prints or items can be purchased. My friend Jess is doing some lovely watercolor, Celtic inspired prints and I could scan them in or take photos to use in the portfolio.

2. Tattoo shop site- My tattoo artist has mentioned on more than one occasion that he would trade work for design work. This would be a great chance to do that. The artist always takes photos during and after his sessions, so I will have much to work with.

Choices… Choices…


Week 5


Final banner designs from last week are now submitted to the teacher and to the contest. Good luck to everyone!

Now we have moved on to begin our new project of creating a web resume. We are using html to divide the text content on the page in a logical hierarchy; using lists and paragraph tags to display information in a more organized way. At this point we are only using generic text but it looks like we will substitute our own information eventually. Sample Resume

We also chose a photograph or image to inspire a theme for our own resumes. I chose this photo of one of my garden statues, a cute little Steampunk snail. I feel like the colors are pleasing and somewhat neutral and I can incorporate the textures and little details into the overall design. So we loaded the photos into Adobe Kuler and created color pallets to use when creating a style sheet. The style sheet shows the possible fonts, colors ,and other style attributes that could be used in the final resume web design. Style_Tile_Nekelund

-Natalie E.

Week 4


This week we continued to tweak our banner designs and continued to learn about HTML and CSS with our modules. Using fireworks, we created a tiling background to go along with our banner designs. I samples some of the background from my original design and zoomed in on it a little:

banner-nekelundBG This image will repeat across the viewer’s page. To accomplish this we attributed a background style “ background-repeat: repeat” to the body tag. 

Here is a link to my final banner submission.

-Natalie E.

Week 3


This week we worked on banners for the school website contest. They are supposed to invoke the feeling of fall at AACC. We used Adobe fireworks to create the artwork and optimize the files for web use. I used Dreamweaver to create the landing page to show off the designs and got to play around a little with colors and styles.

Here is my banner concept:


Week 2


Wow, week 2 has been crazy for me (work, school, etc etc)! We have covered a lot of ground in this class.

We had a nice intro to Fireworks, getting to know the menus and options, and creating shapes and textures. I especially love the auto shapes and how much freedom you have to manipulate the lines, dimensions and proportions. This week I added links to all of my classmate’s blogs to my page over there on the right. And I am loving the theme I chose, its so bright and inspiring. I use FTPs at work regularly and took Color Theory a few semesters ago but it was nice to have a refresher on the hex notation and it will be a good resource to look back on during the semester.

What has been on my mind all week though….FALL! Trying to envision all things Autumn. It is hard not to get too geared towards Halloween since that is my favorite holiday, so I will have to brainstorm and simplify since the banner designs should be more generic to stay relevant for the entire season. I am excited to see what everyone’s designs look like!